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Crescentbay with the help of our sponsors such as Hero Kids Foundation, Jones Firm, PLC, Advanced Tactical Solutions Consulting Corporation and Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan were able to pull of an outstanding Old Dominion Region Pony Club Games Rally.  Our sponsors have invested there time and funds to help us become successful.  We will be putting on the 2018 qualifying rally in November. 

This was Crescentbay's 5th time hosting the games rally and this year we doubled our participation! Last year we had 23 members and nonmembers participating this year we had 48 with three divisions.  First timers, Juniors and Seniors.  Next year we hoped to have an advanced pairs division.  Our members encourage all the Pony Clubs to try and have fun at games! 

We were able to field one Senior and Two Junior teams for champs.  Of course some of the members were out of our region.  See our photo gallery for pictures:



Crescent Bay Brings Home the Dorthy Renfro for the 2nd Year!!!!