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2018 Horse Trials and Dressage Show Series

Dates: April 8, June 24, October 14

Location: Lionheart Equestrian Center at Epps Farm Supply

2170 Joshua Lane Suffolk, Virginia 23434

Dressage show info: SVDA sanctioned.  Intro through Grand Prix offered, rider’s choice of tests.

Judges: April 8: Janice Mumford, June 24: Sandy Toby, October 14 Robyn Nunnally

Classes offered

Combine Training and Horse Trials:  Rider’s choice of dressage and stadium or dressage, stadium and cross country. 

Ground Poles: 2015 USDF Intro Test A, Cross country will be 8          to 10 rails across portions of two fields.

Cross rails: 2015 USDF Intro Test B, cross rails not to exceed 18”, cross country will 8 to 10 jumps across a portion of 2 fields.

Maiden/Baby Green: 2015 USDF Into Test C.  Maximum jumping height 2 feet, width not to exceed 18 inches, no banks or water jumps.

Beginner Novice: 2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test A Maximum jumping height is 2’7” and width 2’9”. Cross country to include a bank, water crossing and a ditch.

Novice: 2018 USEF Novice Test A Maximum jumping height of 2’11”, width of 3’3”. Cross country to include a bank, ditch and water jump.

Training Level:  2018 USEF Training Level Test A  This is a modified division with some jumps to be shared with Novice division, maximum jumping height 3’3”, width of 3’11”. Cross country to include a bank, water jump and ditch.

Preliminary: 2018 USEF Preliminary Test A  Combined Training only. Stadium jumps not to exceed 3’7”.

Cross country schooling: Available to any rider for an additional fee of $10, schooling will take place after all divisions have gone.

Ribbons: 1-6th place for all divisions, dressage and overall will be pinned separately.  Divisions may be separated or combined based on number of entries.

Series awards: Cumulative points for all divisions across all Combined Training and Horse Trials divisions for the three shows. 1-6th place.

Entry Fees: Dressage: $25 each test. Combined Training: $50. Horse Trials: $70.

Tentative schedule: Dressage only will ride first followed with ground poles through preliminary.  Stadium will be approximately one hour post dressage times followed with cross country.

Opening Date: One month prior to each show.

Closing Date: One week prior to each show.

Forms: Entry, Current Negative Coggins and a signed USPC waiver will be required for all riders.

Helmets: Must be worn at all times during warm up and all phases of competition.

Concessions: Will be available at all events.

Payment: Cash, Check(payable to CBPC) or prepay through PayPal:

Crescent Bay Pony Club:

Entries: email to

Crescent Bay Pony Club Horse Trials and Dressage Show Entry Form

Date: Please circle    April 8        June 24          October 14

Rider’s Name_________________________



E-mail and phone number_____________________________

Horse’s Name_____________________________

Please circle one:  Adult or Junior

Dressage only: $25 per test List tests individually:



Combined Training: $50.00

Ground poles_____       Cross Rails______  Maiden_____

Beginner Novice_______ Novice_____ Training______


Horse Trials: $70.00

Ground Poles_____    Cross Rails______ Maiden _______

Beginner Novice_______ Novice ______    Training_______

Cross Country Schooling: $10_______

Send to Lesley Esposito                               Total___________

Email:  or

Mail to: 3009 Indian Creek Road Virginia Beach VA 23457

Make checks payable to CBPC or pay via Paypal to Crescent Bay Pony Club: